Kat's Web Kreations
Web Design by Kat

Basic Prices

          • $100.00 to $200.00 to set up the site ........ depending on size of site
          • $25.00 a month maintenance fee...includes 0 to 5 updates/changes**
          • $50.00 a month maintenance fee...for 6 or more updates/changes**
            • **   5 e-mails with 1 change each equals 5 changes...
                    1 e-mail with 5 changes in it equals 5 changes....**
          • YOU pay the web hosting fees...and get the site. I can recommend a place to get it. 

The benefits of Kat's Web Kreations

          • Updates sites usually within a couple days of receipt of information.
            [i try for within 24 hours!]     

          • Unique graphic design specific to your business needs

  • Examples of my work

    http://ferretlover97.terrabox.com/ ... all 150-200 of the pages
    http://www.wolfysluv.com/ ... Most of these.
    http://www.skweezeme.com/ ... Most of these.

    These are just an example.

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