Merry Christmas, Mommy!!!

December 2000
Here are more pics of the precious ferrets
I got from Paula and Colin

Here are some of "Angel"
'Hamming It Up' under the Christmas Tree...

Angel Angel


Angel Angel

Here are "Angel" & "Sassy" Playing...

Angel and Sassy Angel and Sassy

Angel and Sassy

Here is "Angel" with my "Lucky" and "Holly" in the kitchen...


OOPS!...Here is Angel again..this time with Jack
What a HAM!!!

Jack and Angel

Here is Jack...on the floor and under the tree

Jack Jack

Jack's [former]Mommy, Paula, sent some of Jack's Toys...
here are a couple pics of him when he got them...

Jack Jack

Here is Sassy...laying in my husband's arms...


Here is the Birthday card they sent their [former]Mommy...

Happy Birthday, Mommy

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Original Pictures Used With Permission